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Youth Tuesday  

VO Westlake!

Get Ready!  

Tuesday Nights

May 30th, 2019

May 26th, 2019

Elias Valverde and the VOA G.A.N.G. ministry invites you every Tuesday Night for our Rock Your City Youth Service!  We meet @ 7:00 P.M. in the Education Bldg. Part of the church. Young person, Young Adult, you and your family are welcome! See you there!
For our May's VISION Thursday, we have a blessed treat. Pastor Vico & Alice McLallen will be with us. They have a growing church in the Westlake suburb of L.A. Childcare is provided. Invite a loved one. Hope to see you!
We'd like to invite you to a powerful service, where God's Presence and God's word, will transform your life and family!
It'll be held in Chino Ca. Hope to see you there!  


VO Manila!  

Rock Your City

May 26th, 2019 


Sundays/ Thursdays

We can never lose passion for the mission. We can never lose that feeling when we first gave our heart to Jesus. When we wanted to share the gospel with everyone and tell of God's love. Pastor Ernie answered the call for world evangelism. Don't miss out on this powerful service.
YJJoin our G.A.N.G. , God's Anointed Now Generation group Every Tuesday Nights! Elias Valverde, is our Youth G.A.NG leader. This is for youth and Young adults! From 12 to 35! Yeah Yeah! We believe our generation can make a difference for God. And you are part of it! 
YJoin us Sundays at 11:00 AM & Thursday Nights at 7:00 PM. You and your family are welcome. At Victory Outreach you'll experience the love of God, a timely biblical message, uplifting worship and encouraging fellowship. Childcare is provided at all services​​


Sunday Mornings

Reg. Picnic


Begins @11:00 A.M.  

May 27th, 2019

YNow you can donate online with our new option for your giving. We have partnered together with, one of the most secure and popular giving apps in the U.S. Click here to go to our Online giving page for further info. Thank you for your generosity. God bless.   
Pastor Roy begins his Home Improvement Family Series. God cares about families. It is the oldest institution in history. And yet, He has given us the blueprint in the Bible to have happy families! You and your family are invited!
You are invited to our SGV Northeast regional Picnic! There will be plenty of food, but if you want to bring to bring your favorite dish, thank you. There will be games for the kids as well as for the adults. Don't miss out on this fun, faith filled day!


Monday Night Prayer! 

Prayer life group

July 16-19 2019

You are welcome to our Hour of Power Prayer. Every Monday nights at 1931 E. Rosewood ave. Anaheim, Ca. Begins @ 7PM - 8PM.
God calls young people. He has always raised up young people to do His will. If there was ever a time to reach our now generation, it is now. If we do not influence them for God, the devil will influence and the results will be destructive.