Blessing of Financial Giving

Steps to Online giving is at the information below.

Press the tab to give. 

Your giving is much appreciated. May God bless you for all you do.  Your peace of mind, security and protection of your personal information is of utmost importance to us. As a result of our passion to be responsible before the Lord, and serve as an integral ministry. We have partnered with is one of the most respected Church giving systems in the world. On many lists, it is number one with between 7,000 to 10,000 churches using its system on a weekly basis, which you can research yourself.  The following information is to help you give at your convenience. 

Steps to online giving:

 1. Create your own account and password

2. You will be asked by to enter a new 4 digit pin

3. Give the amount

4. Specify what you are giving to 

​5. You can manage your payment method

6. You can log out after you have given.

Benefits of your Online giving with our new system:

1. You can keep track of your giving.

2. You can erase your information after your donation.

3. There is a recurring feature for easier giving.

4. You can change your password, email, pin anytime.  

​5. You can sign in with your online banking. 

6. You can give by check, debit or credit.

7. You can give your feedback to

​8. You recieve an email after, as proof of your giving. 3

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It is because of people as yourself, that help us reach others with the hope and love of God. 
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