VOA Youth G.A.N.G. 


The G.A.N.G. means God's Anointed Now Generation! Our mission is to reach today's young people and young adults with the gospel of Jesus Christ. We recognize people say, young people are the future. So true. But it doesn't mean we cannot make an impact for God now! Now is the time to fulfill our potential. Now is the time to step out and be counted for God. Now is the time to influence today's culture all over the world. Cities are crying out in desperation for help. Our inner cities are over run by the devil. And yet, God has empowered us by the Holy Spirit aremed with the word of God, in the name of Jesus Chriost to make a differnce NOW! 

Young person, God loves you. There is hope. You are valuable. You have a place here at Victory Outreach. You can make a difference. You are needed.  We have bible studies for young people, as well as outreaches. Come join us for church servce at 2045 W. Ball Road, Anaheim, Ca, on sundays. Or email us at
[email protected]. Or call us at 714.760.5789. Hope to see you!


V.O.A. Youth G.A.N.G. is part of the V.O.I. G.A.N.G. ministry, is a multi facted ministry designed to reach the urban city young people and young adults with the gospel. As part of the G.A.N.G. is the Gang girls minstry, as well as the UTC. The Urban Training Center. Located in the West and East coast U.S. As well as many international locations. The Youth Convention is held annually. We are prat of the VO SGV NorthEast region, once a month held at VO El Sereno.



Pastor Roy was reached as young man
in his teens, and has continued to serve
the Lord, and pastor to this very day. VOA
has impacted many young people at
different seasons. It has put on major
evangelistic city events designed to make
a difference in many lives. We seek to be
proactive in Orange County, Ca. God
is not done with what He desires to do in
Orange County. We are excited for what
God is going to do in your life and family.